Internet Solutions for Campground Facilities

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Oriole and Oricom Internet are well-known players in the field of wired and wireless computer network technology. Over the last few years, our experts have grown accustomed to recommending Internet access solutions. Oriole believes that each client is unique. That’s why we offer solutions that cater to the specific needs of every campground facility. The hardware is adapted to the various high speed Internet access technologies, such as DSL, cable or satellite connection.

Since each set-up is unique in terms of equipment, and we offer a wide selection of partnership programs, we strongly suggest that you contact one of our representatives.

Oricom Internet head office is located at:

400, Nolin Street
Quebec, QC
G1M 1E7

Client support:
Tel.: 1-866-967-4266
E-mail: support@oricom.ca

Campground Services:
Tel.: 1-866-967-4266 ext. 1125
E-mail: oriole@oricom.ca